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Organic Lawn Care Programs

LaVoie's Landscape now offers both "organic based" as well as 100% organic lawn care programs. Our organic lawn care programs are 100% chemical free, while organic based means that we might also use chemical weed or insect killers in conjunction with organic fertilizer products. Though this practice does not eliminate chemicals in the environment, it reduces our application amount by up to 80% because we are only "spot spraying" weeds instead of a "blanket application"

organic lawn care fertilization maine waterville winslow central We are concerned about the environment and intend to do our share. Our organic lawncare programs are designed to add organic matter to your soil, which in turn stimulates microbes in the soil. This means that your lawn will actually need LESS nitrogen and other nutrients from outside sources. This quality can be easily illustrated by examining lawns that were once farmland and used for grazing. Those lawns NEVER need to be fertilized!

Our first focus is correcting PH and aeration first, which is often all is needed to bring a lawn to good health. From there, we add organic matter to the soil in various forms, such as organic / organic based fertilizers, compost, compost teas and alfalfa / corn based products.

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Lawn treatment and fertilization
(Traditional and Chemical)

Sometimes mowing, watering and weeding isn't enough. In Maine, we have weeds, insects and drought. When the usual course of action isn't enough, LaVoie's Landscape Management is on the job with licensed and knowledgeable pesticide applicators to assess and manage the problem. We have partnered with The Turf Doctor®, a local company, to provide all our chemical treatments. lawn care companies central maine These treatment services include lawn fertilization, weed control, crabgrass preventer, insect control, aeration and overseeding. We ONLY offer chemical treatment programs to existing customers, as we are in the process of phasing out of this service in favor of the organic lawn care approach.

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Landscape Contractors Central Maine - Offering landsape maintenance, lawn fertilizing, weed control, hedge trimming, edging, bark mulch sales, delivery and installation, planting of bulbs, perennials and annual flowers, and many other lawn and landscape related services to residential and commercial clients in the Waterville - Winslow Maine area.