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Traditional Lawn Care Programs

Turf Health Programs
Early Spring A balanced fertilizer is applied coupled with an optional application of crabgrass and annual weed preventer.
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Spring and/or Fall Pelletized limestone is applied to "sweeten" the soil by enhancing ph levels. Lime is crucial in Maine, where heavy rainfall and acidic soils are present.. 
Late Spring The late spring treatment is a balanced fertilizer to enhance plant development and growth, and to maintain the healthy green color. Broadleaf weed control is included if needed or requested to remove competition from spring germinating weeds.  
Throughout Season Our "weed patrol" service consists of hand-spraying weeds and grass that may germinate in cracks, along curbs and in planting beds. Our basic service includes up to 8 visits and starts at $25.00 per application 
Summer Insect control is applied only if needed. This is the time to catch cinch bugs and grubs.
Early Fall This treatment is applied to help the grass plant recover from summer stresses and to prepare for active growth during the fall. Broadleaf weed control is provided as needed.
Winterizer  This treatment is applied when the grass plant growth has slowed or stopped in the late fall. This granular application promotes root growth, winter survival, better spring green up, and improved drought tolerance the following season. Highly recommended!
Additional Special Services Organic Fertilizer * Broadleaf Weed Control * Insect control * Disease Control * Pelletized Limestone 

Landscape Contractors Central Maine - Offering landsape maintenance, lawn fertilizing, weed control, hedge trimming, edging, bark mulch sales, delivery and installation, planting of bulbs, perennials and annual flowers, and many other lawn and landscape related services to residential and commercial clients in the Waterville - Winslow Maine area.